De.Co – The Municipal Designation of Origin or “Made in Montieri” represents a recognition given by the Municipality of Montieri for the enhancement of the activities, events and agri-food, agricultural and craft products strongly linked to tradition, characterized by a strong territorial identity, with the power to represent and communicate our excellence to the whole world.

The advantages of DE.CO.

It is an effective tool for the enhancement and development of the local area, which brings a whole range of benefits to local companies, citizens and the entire reference area.

Benefits for citizens

  • rediscovered prestige and a civic and social sense of belonging
  • increased level of well-being

Benefits for manufacturers

  • increase in production and economic capacities
  • development of economies
  • guarantees and certification of products and / or productions
  • favorable conditions for survival

Advantages for the territory

  • opportunities linked to eco-sustainable development
  • conservation and enhancement of the entire territorial system
  • exchanges with the outside world, which increase the socio-cultural and productive level of the population

The De.Co. represents a real cultural revolution in the context of safeguarding the territorial identities linked to the agri-food, food and wine and artisan tradition of a place. Conceived between 1998-1999 by Luigi Veronelli.

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