Gerfalco: The Wonder of Geology

Gerfalco is a charming village at the foot of the mountain Cornate. Its name comes from the medieval german words “ger-Falke”: “bearer of the hawk”.
In the past it was also an important mining seat. The built-up area conserves to this day the medieval atmosphere; the church of St. Biagio dated 1323 had an annexed convent which is nowadays a summer daycare centre.
Gerfalco is situated in the area of the natural reserve “Cornate e Fosini”, (in the Geopark area, too) and it is a perfect starting point for the various trails all around: you can walk on the crest of the Cornate, look for old mines and tunnels, walk to the spectacular Castel of Fosini, or you can just hike around the reserve and enjoy the rural atmosphere of the countryside.
In the village you can find the offices of the natural reserve.

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